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    When music become more than entertainment
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    "Le vent"

    Worldmusic from own compositions

When music become more than entertainment

An accordion, two guitars and a bass ... at first, TriOlé reminds one of the well known gypsy swing, but stands out with its own compositions and unique interpretations. Tango, bossa, musette and 6/8 rhythms alternate with manouche-typical quotes. At the same time, the South Tyrolean mountain origins and love for Slovenian music have an unmistakable presence. The improvisations show a distinct influence of jazz, classical music as well as folk music... world music in the truest sense. Wanderlust and "being on the go" are central ideas of the compositions.
TriOlé an ensemble that combines wonderful melodies, fiery temperament and virtuoso improvisations.


  • Oct 27, 2018

    TriOlé live in the radio

    On october 27th we played some songs during the live radio show "Forum Literatur" on RAI. An evening all about new books, young and talented local writers in a quite comfortable atmosphere.

  • Aug 8, 2018

    TV report about TriOlé

    Finally TriOlé goes in TV. Yesterday a short report about TriOlé has been transmitted in TV on ORF during the Südtriol Heute show. If you missed it, you could see it here.

  • Jul 13, 2018

    Concerts together with accordion world-champion Martynas Levickis

    These days we had the pleasure to play two concerts in two special locations (both castels) and together with Martynas Levickis, the accordion world champion of 2010. We had two unbeliveable evenings with this nice person. Thanky Martynas!


  • Hot Dog
  • Pueste del Sol
  • Haslatin
  • Schönes Fräulein

Audio samples

Band members

Stefan Geier
Markus Olsacher
Solo guitar
Hanspeter Nocker
Rythm guitar
Ulrich Seppi
E-Bass, Doublebass

Upcoming events

  • 13 Aug'18

    TriOlé / Premiere Unterlandler Freilchtspiele
    Neumarkt / Klösterle
    20:30 h

    16 Aug'18

    TriOlé beim langen Donnerstag
    19:30 h

    30 Aug'18

    TriOlé & Weinverkostung
    20:00 h

    31 Aug'18

    TriOlé in der Orchideenwelt-Gargazon
    19:30 h

    14 Sep'18

    Kinderfest mit TriOlé
    15:30 h

    20 Oct'18

    TriOlé beim Traubenfest

    09 Nov'18

    Wine-Beer&Food mit TriOlé
    Hotel Masatsch in Oberplanitzing-Kaltern
    19:30 h

    17 Nov'18

    TriOlé / Mitgliederabend Raiffeisenkasse Etschtal
    17:00 h


Le vent
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View Album

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